Annual Appeal #2

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

If you needed your driveway shoveled or get a ride to the store it wouldn’t be a problem because you most likely have a car, snow blower or shovel, and are healthy and fit.

But what if you don’t have these things.  Who are you going to call to get the help you need?

Consider your elderly neighbor…. perhaps she needs some help shoveling her icy steps or clearing the leaves out of her gutters.  Perhaps she needs a ride to the store to pick up a 20lb bag of cat litter.  Who is she going to ask for help? The team at Dayton’s Bluff Seniors is ready to help seniors when they need it.  We now serve seniors living in the Payne-Phalen community as well as Dayton’s Bluff.

How can you help your neighbors get the help they need?

Our resources are stretched so we are asking our supporters to step up and help with a donation!  Thank you if you have already made a contribution but now is a great time to take a minute to help.

You can make an online donation here, or call us to pay over the phone.  You can always mail a check.  Remember, all your donations are tax deductible and we will send you an acknowledgement letter.  You can check us out on Facebook and “Like” us to share our important programming with your friends and encourage them to support us…..

Thanks for your support!