Printable Coloring Books

Coloring book page featuring a watering can full of flowers and foliage.

Coloring Books

Please enjoy these printable coloring books created from art submitted by our volunteers!  We hope these pages bring you fun and relaxation.  And a big thank you to every volunteer who took the time to create these pages for all of us to enjoy! Click through the volumes to find your favorites!

Don’t have a printer?

For folks 60+ in our service area, we are happy to help with printing. Just give us a call at 651-683-2326 or email us at We can print pages for you and mail them to your home. 


Interested in creating coloring book pages for our community elders to enjoy? Fill out our volunteer application today or contact us at to get start or to receive more information. This is a fun opportunity to volunteer from home! Here are some ideas for drawings:

  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Holiday scenes
  • Food
  • Cityscapes
  • Geometric designs
  • Short illustrated quotes