Naloxone Training at First Lutheran Church

The Scope of the Opioid Crisis  

The stories are everywhere.  On the news, in the local paper, and around the kitchen table.  People from all walks of life are suffering from addiction to opioids.

The Steve Rummler Hope Network provides staggering statistics that we can’t ignore.  The organization notes that “In 2016 the number of individuals who died as a result of the opioid crisis surpassed the number of casualties from the entire two decades of the Vietnam war. Every three weeks, we lose the same number of individuals to the opioid crisis as we did from the September 11 terrorist attacks.”  These facts are heartbreaking, but there are actions we can take to face this crisis.

Overdose Rescue Training

Recently, staff from East Side Elders took part in a naloxone training hosted by the First Lutheran Church.  We are now trained to use opioid overdose rescue kits, thanks to the volunteer trainers.

East Side Elders depends on support from the community.  In turn, we work to meet the needs of community members, wherever they are on life’s journey.  We hope that the kits available in the building will never need to be used.  But in the event of a crisis, we are now prepared to act.

Get Involved

Contact the Steve Rummler Hope Network today to set up a training!  Request a training for your workplace, church, social group, or other gathering. You do not need to have healthcare experience to be trained.