Tips for Enjoying the Minnesota State Fair for Seniors and Caregivers

The “Great Minnesota Get-Together” is almost here!  In Minnesota, the State Fair is a huge cultural event.  From planning what snacks to try to what exhibits to check out, the fair is an important part of many people’s summers.  But for some older adults or those with chronic conditions that make hot weather, lots of walking, and crowds a challenge, a visit to the fair can be daunting.  We have compiled some resources and tips to help you enjoy a day at the fair with your loved one.

Senior Discounts

  • Seniors and Kids Day on Monday, August 27:  $9 tickets for people 65 and older
  • Senior Day on Thursday, August 30:  $9 tickets for people 65 and older

Pack the Essentials

  • Know what items will make your care recipient comfortable and safe:
    • water, snacks, sunscreen, portable fans or other cooling devices, a sweater or blanket if you’ll be visiting on a cool evening

Dress Comfortably

  • Essentials for a day at the fair include comfortable, breathable clothing, supportive footwear, and sunglasses during the day.
  • A long day at the fair is not a good time to try new outfits or shoes that haven’t been broken in yet – go for items that you know will be comfortable and won’t chafe.

Check the Weather

  • The State Fair runs for 12 days, so be sure to look ahead to the weather when choosing which day to visit.
  • Weather apps and websites can give you information by the hour on temperature, humidity, and more.  Use this to help decide what time of day to visit.

Wheelchairs and Scooters

  • Wheelchairs and scooters can be rented at the State Fair through HomeTown Mobility.  For more information, visit the State Fair’s Accessibility Guide.
    • The Accessibility Guide also includes information about transportation, parking, ASL interpreters, and more.


  • Make a list of the most important exhibits you or your loved one want to visit.  Visit these first to avoid disappointment if your loved one needs to go home earlier than planned.

Plan Meals

  • Know which foods you or your loved one tolerate well and enjoy.  Seek these out at the fair.
  • If you or your loved one have a sensitive stomach or allergies, consider bringing your own food and beverages to enjoy.

Rest and People Watch

  • Rest often to avoid getting too tired.
  • Seek out benches and other comfortable seating, preferably in the shade or inside a cool building.
  • While resting, you can enjoy some of the best people watching of the year!
  • If noise is an issue, bring along noise-cancelling headphones.

Know When to Leave

  • Remember:  you don’t have to stay all day at the fair to make the trip worthwhile.  Stay only as long as your loved one feels comfortable and wants to be there.
  • Plan for a nap or other relaxing activity when you get home.  Maybe enjoy watching a movie at home in the air conditioning!