Seeking Food Donations for Seniors

Call for Donations: Food and Hygiene Supplies for Seniors

Help fight hunger in the senior community by donating shelf-stable food and other necessities to East Side Elders – right from our Amazon Wish List!  Our wish list is an easy way for you to have donations sent right to our office – all without having to leave your home!  Our team of volunteers is ready to deliver food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and more to seniors in need on the East Side.  And if you’re not an online shopper, you can also bring donations to our office anytime during our business hours.

As you know, toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, and other daily needs can be expensive.  But if we can provide some of those items to seniors, that can free up some of their budget for other needs.

We have been so thankful for the donations that have come in!  We’ve also included supplies for our Elder Cafe, Fun and Games events, and office supplies on our Wish List.  Here are some of the donations we’ve received so far: