Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

It can be hard to tell with the warm weather and blue skies we’ve had lately in Minnesota, but fall is fast approaching.  Pumpkin spice, scarves, cozy sweaters, and hot cocoa are all on their way.  But along with the fun and cozy aspects of the season comes the hard work of garden cleanup and leaf raking.  For some seniors, these tasks can be challenging, if not impossible to complete.  But with the help of our team of volunteers, we can help seniors in the community get their yards ready for winter.

Volunteering – Fun and Flexible!

Can you help a senior with yard cleanup or raking this season?  Apply online today or contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or 651-683-2413 with any questions.  This is a very flexible opportunity – you can help at your pace and on your schedule.  Families are also welcome to volunteer together!