How to Request a Ride from East Side Elders

Requesting a ride from the East Side Elders team of volunteer drivers is quick and easy!  If you are a senior 60 and older in the Dayton’s Bluff, Payne-Phalen, or Conway-Battle Creek neighborhoods of Saint Paul (or are a vulnerable adult 55 and older living in these areas) you can call us at 651-683-2326 to request a ride.  We will need your contact information, the date you need a ride, what time you would like to be picked up, and an idea of how long your appointment/trip might take.  From there, our Service Coordinator will contact our team of volunteers to see who is available to help.  When we find a match, we contact you to let you know that your ride is scheduled – and the volunteer will also give you a call.

Caregivers – give us a call today so we can help your loved one get to medical appointments or other destinations.  Caring for a loved one can be rewarding but difficult – please don’t hesitate to reach out to East Side Elders for help.  We provide services, resources and referrals for seniors and their families so they may spend time together while we take care of the details.