Public Health Nurse or Registered Nurse Volunteer

Time Commitment:

  • Tuesday Mornings 9:00 am -11:00 am~ Wilson Hi-Rise at 1300 Wilson St., Saint Paul, MN 55106
  • Tuesday Afternoons 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm ~ Parkway Gardens at 1145 Hudson Rd, Saint Paul, MN 55106

Job Description:

  • Responds to health questions by individuals and/or families during home visits, in clinics, educate the public on preventive health measures.
  • Visits homes of individuals and/or families in the community and gathers initial background information used to assess their health needs
  • Interviews patients to evaluate health needs or environmental hazards in the homes
  • Measures patients’ temperature, blood pressure, pulse,  to record the patients’ vital signs
  • Assist in medication set ups or give a B12 injection as needed.
  •  At Parkway Gardens or Wilson HI rise Wellness Clinic.
  • Observes patients’ reactions to prescribed medication to manage the stable phase of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and/or tuberculosis
  • Maintains medical records and files on an Excel Spread Sheets
  • Will report to Lead/On-site RN of Dayton’s Bluff Seniors Living at Home/Block Nurse Program

Benefits of Volunteer Experience:

  • Learn about the Living at Home Block Nurse Programs
  • Assist Seniors to live independent in their homes
  • Empower adults to live full lives while experiencing a chronic disease
  • Make a difference in lives by supporting the underserved to live in their homes



  • Graduation from an accredited college with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or Public Health Nursing.
  • Current License for Nursing in Minnesota


  • One (1) year of experience in a public health field or, nursing experience gained while working under the close supervision of a licensed public health nurse.

Knowledge & Abilities

  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public health nursing.
  • Knowledge of pharmaceuticals, side effects, and possible complications of use.
  • Knowledge of health counseling methods.
  • Knowledge of interview techniques, and the methods used to gather data.
  • Knowledge of first aid procedures.
  • Ability to recognize adverse signs and symptoms in patients.
  • Ability to evaluate health needs and environmental hazards.
  • Ability to provide health counseling to patients and families.
  • Ability to conduct home visits and gather information.
  • Ability to take temperature and blood pressure readings
  • Ability to develop health care plans in conjunction with other professionals.