Tina Morgan: DBS volunteer

Tina Morgan

Tina Morgan

I have been the Service Coordinator at Dayton’s Bluff Seniors since January of 2012. I am native of District 4, currently attending Inver Hills Community College, pursuing my Associate Degree in Web development and Computer software. I am a proud mother of three wonderful children.

I originally started at DBS to expand my skills in social media and Web design. While working on the technical side, I was offered a service coordinator position. This opportunity overlapped my educational and personal experiences, and it warmed my heart to fulfill my passion to help honor people’s quality of life by helping them stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Volunteering at DBS offers me a chance to give back to a community that helped me and my family at a time of need. This is also a chance to give back to seniors who already have given so much to the community. DBS also offers me an opportunity to be with people with like minds, creating a harmonious atmosphere unexplainable with words, but felt from the heart. Being a service coordinator makes me feel important when I witness the benefits reaped from the services and resources delivered.

If you would like to learn more about Dayton’s Bluff Senior LAH/BNP, please call us at 651-776-7210 ext. 303 or visit us at www.daytonsbluffseniors.org.