Wilder Foundation

Lifelong Learning in the Arts

Wilder’s Aging Services recently completed a program called “Lifelong Learning in the Arts” to provide arts learning activities to older adults at our Community Center for Aging and for older adults and adults with disabilities living at Ravoux, a St. Paul Public Housing Hi-Rise. Arts activities were provided through collaboration with Kairos Dance Theatre’s Dancing Heart program and the Women Drum Center’s evidence-based Health RHYTHMS program. Results from participant post-surveys showed the following program impacts:
  • 92% of respondents stated that participation in the programs had helped them feel less lonely
  • Over half of the participants believed that the programs had positively influenced their physical health
  • 91% of respondents stated that artists had made them feel that they could make decisions or choices about learning and creating art for themselves
Thank you to our partners and to the Minnesota State Arts Board for supporting this wonderful work.