Volunteer Agreement

The Agency agrees to:

  1. Provide a Manager of Volunteer Services who will arrange all necessary orientation, training, and supervision for the volunteer position.
  2. Provide continuing opportunities for volunteer training.
  3. Change the volunteer assignment or add new duties only by mutual agreement between volunteer and the Manager of Volunteer Services.
  4. Review volunteer performance on a regular basis, keep an account of volunteer hours, and provide a letter of reference when requested.
  5. Offer opportunities for more responsible volunteer jobs in the agency when appropriate and available.

The Volunteer agrees to:

  1. Maintain confidentiality and respect client privacy at all times.
  2. Neither dispense medication nor perform medical procedures.
  3. Neither accept large gifts nor enter into any arrangement with the client, which might be to your financial benefit.
  4. Attend orientation and in-service training sessions, and to become familiar with Living at Home/Block Nurse Program policies and procedures.
  5. Facilitate record keeping by submitting volunteer time logs as requested.
  6. Notify the Manager of Volunteer Services of extended leave or resignation.

Volunteer’s Signature:  ______________________________          Date:                          

Signature, Manager of Volunteer Services:  __________________________                     


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